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Exciting News!! Rainbow Orca Designs
is evolving into Wonderment Abounds

From the Pacific Northwest to landscapes beyond, Wonderment Abounds invites you on a journey of artistry inspired by diverse nature, wildlife & places...

Art Print

Greeting Cards


View our gallery of our original watercolor paintings that are available as 5x7 Art Print Greeting Cards.

Each art print card is individually signed.

Crab Trio Flat Lay Square.jpg

As family members, with a relationship of best friend sisters, Sequoia (Wendy) and Megan have always enjoyed spending time together in and out of the art studio. As artists, with a passion and fascination for the natural world, they decided to join forces and create something special. As co-owners and co-artists, the majority of their creations are a true collaboration. Each artist pours their love and joy into each piece as it is handed back and forth between the two of them. In 2012 they founded Rainbow Orca Designs inspired by their love for the Southern Resident orcas and their Pacific Northwest home. Now their business is evolving into Wonderment Abounds due to the amount of time the two artists spend living and creating their art from a variety of stunning wild places in all of North America.

Megan Bloom

Wendy Bloom

(Sequoia Win' Ni)


About Us Video

"If you truly LOVE nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

~ Vincent Van Gogh

Why we named our family art business
"Rainbow Orca Designs" in 2012
and why it will always be a part of our new

"Wonderment Abounds"

Watch this video and learn about the salmon eating Southern Resident Orcas of J, K & L Pods that really inspire our art and our lives.

(this video was made by us from our Sea Tree Wonder journey)


When we make art, our inspiration springs across our imagination, our creativity flows, and our spirits soar. It truly brings us great joy creating unique and one-of-a-kind original art. It is our goal that each piece of art that we make inspires the appreciator to feel the love, compassion and good intention that was poured into its being throughout the creation process.

If our artwork can spark appreciation of the natural world in your heart, than our art is fulfilling its purpose.

We are grateful to be blessed with artistic creativity and ability, and it is our mission to share our artistry with the world through our nature inspired art.

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