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A Story of Collaboration

As family members, with a relationship most accurately described as best friend sisters, Megan and Sequoia (Wendy) have always enjoyed spending time together in and out of the art studio. This mother/daughter duo are honored to work together. As artists, with a passion and fascination for the natural world, they decided to join forces and create something special. They co-founded Rainbow Orca Designs in 2012, inspired by the endangered Southern Resident Orca pods of the Pacific Northwest. In the years since, their life and art has led them on a journey that currently includes slow traveling North America in their custom wooden 5th wheel/traveling tiny house on wheels, and therefore their specialty art brand is evolving into Wonderment Abounds to reflect the diverse nature, wildlife and landscapes that now inspires their one-of-a-kind artwork. The majority of their creations are a true collaboration. Each artist pours their love and joy into each piece as it is handed back and forth between the two of them.

Megan Bloom

Wendy Bloom

(Sequoia Win' Ni)

Rainbow Logo Final Banner.jpg

Art Studio
"Wonder Pups"


Uluru Profile Etsy Pic.jpg
Uluru (the "Wonder" pup)

Muse, Security, Adventure Buddy

~ ~ ~

With inspiring canine beauty, loyal companionship, and dedication to a job well done, Uluru is a great helper in the art studio along with being an awesome "wonder seeker" out on the trail!

Konane Profile Pic Etsy.jpg


Konane (the "Wonder" pup)

Assistant, Comforter, Lead Trail Buddy

~ ~ ~

An absolutely awesome assistant in the art studio, his comforting snuggles and unwavering loyalty warms our hearts and laps everyday. With a strong interest in botany and smelling all flowers, this little buddy loves to lead excursions into nature.

*** Both Uluru & Konane put their 'paw of approval' on every package of our creations we mail out.

About Us Video

Traveling Tiny House Art Studio Etsy.jpg

While from the Pacific Northwest and based out of Bellingham WA, we now spend a lot of time traveling North America with our wooden tiny house on wheels/custom wooden 5th wheel. It's our home and art studio that goes wherever we go.

If you are interested in learning more about our traveling tiny house & art studio on wheels, then visit our
Sea Tree Wonder website.
We create regular video episode adventure stories where we share our 'finding wonder journey', tiny house, adventures, inspiring ideas, lifestyle, and creative inspirations.

Sea Tree Wonder logo NEW FINAL

Our nature & wildlife creations are available for purchase online... and occosaionally in person at art shows, festivals & markets and in some art galleries.

Learn more about the primary types of creations we share below...

Each and every piece is designed and hand-crafted with great love, passion, and precision by Pacific Northwest artists Sequoia (Wendy) & Megan Bloom.  With extensive and diverse backgrounds in both fine arts and performing arts, Sequoia and Megan are committed to delivering spectacular, quality, and original art. Inspired by the world of nature, the many colors of a rainbow, and the limitless possibilities of humanity, each piece is intended to spread and share the beauty of joy.

With original designs created by Sequoia & Megan, the world of nature is brought to life through beautifully handcrafted paper sculptures. Each piece is made by hand by these two Pacific Northwest based artists. Each sculpture is uniquely one-of-a-kind through the variety of hand-painted & boutique papers along with the wire and bead work. Every wire ornamentation adorning each hanging sculpture is an original freehand design, unique unto itself. Every hanging ornament sculpture is unique!

Hanging 3D Ornament Sculptures

Elephant - Blue Paint Silver Dangles 3.jpg

Wearable Art Jewelry

Inspired by our original & highly sought after ornament sculptures, we adapted our nature, wildlife, and animal designs for jewelry. Made from hand-painted & varnished paper, these lightweight, beautiful, and completely one-of-a-kind dangle earrings are delightful pieces of wearable art. The multiple coats of protective varnish finish, gives the paper excellent durability for everyday wearing & enjoyment.

Bird Purple Floral Silver Dangles 1.jpg

Watercolor Paintings

Our 2-dimensional paintings are original works of art in watercolor or acrylic paint. As artists fascinated by Earth’s beautiful world of nature, along with the full rainbow palette of color, our work is bright, vivid, and colorful. Many of the paintings that we create make beautiful compliments to our other sculptural artwork. We occasionally sell our original paintings, though most often we sell prints of these painting as greeting cards and as prints.

We are inspired by the world of nature, the many colors of a rainbow, and the limitless possibilities of humanity. Working from a diverse palette of colors serves as the inspiration, diversity, and abundance that influence all of our artwork. The raw power, magnificent grace, and glorious beauty of the wild orca, has always been a major influence in our lives. To us the rainbow and the orca symbolize the diversity and colorful brilliance of the “rainbow of life” along with the self-empowered strength and community driven lifestyle of the wild orca.

Why we named our family art business
"Rainbow Orca Designs" in 2012
and why it will always be a part of our new

"Wonderment Abounds"

Watch this video and learn about the salmon eating Southern Resident Orcas of J, K & L Pods that really inspire our art and our lives.

(this video was made by us from our Sea Tree Wonder journey)

We are passionate about wildlife and the conservation of the natural systems that support and sustain our very existence and life on Earth. Much of our artwork is directly inspired from this love and appreciation of the world of nature. We believe it is so important to learn from, appreciate, and preserve the natural world around us. Many of our animal sculptures represent iconic and keystone species that need our help and conservation efforts for their future survival. We hope that the compassion, appreciation, and commitment that we feel towards the wild counterparts of our artwork are felt by the art appreciator. As artists and caring global citizens we hope to nurture peoples’ sense of wonder & appreciation for the natural world.

We donate 10% of net profits from all art pieces to conservation or humanitarian organizations or projects. Click to learn more:

If our artwork can spark appreciation of the natural world in your heart, than our art is fulfilling its purpose.

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