10% of net profit from the purchase of this Tulips in Watering Can Ornament Sculpture will be donated to Waterkeeper Alliance.


This 3-dimensional Tulips in Watering Can ornament sculpture is hand-sculpted by Wendy and Megan in Bellingham, WA. From original design through to completed sculpture, this Tulips in Watering Can sculpture is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of indoor art. This 3D Tulips in Watering Can sculpture is made from hand-painted & varnished paper. The wire ornamentation adorning this hanging sculpture is an original freehand design, unique unto itself. The glass beads are a beautiful compliment to the three blue tulips in this glimmering silver & white watering can. This impressive and very 3-dimensional watering can with three blue tulips sculpture has silver wire.


* This Tulips in Watering Can Ornament Sculpture is approximately 4-5 inches wide and 9-10 inches tall (including wire element). This sculpture comes within a 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 1 3/4 inch clear topped gift box tied with a silver elastic string. This wonderful gift box presentation is a perfect setup for giving this 3D ornament as a gift, as well as, keeping your sculpture safe during transport or storage.


We pour a lot of love and joy into the creation of every sculpture we create, and every sculpture is a true collaboration by the two of us as artisans. This three-dimensional handsculpted Tulips in Watering Can ornament is lightweight and a versatile hanging indoor sculpture that is intended to bring joy into your life for many years.


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Blue Tulips in Watering Can Ornament Sculpture

  • Paper, acrylic paint, pen, varnish, wire, beads, and watercolor paint are the main art materials used in the creation of our nature & wildlife inspired art.


    We consider ourselves paper & wire engineers. All of our creations are designed by the two of us. From original sketch through to engineering of 3-dimensional design, the sculptures are handmade by the two of us. All of our designs are original copyrighted works of art.


    All of our artwork is to be enjoyed INDOORS. Keep in mind that the main material used in our art is PAPER. Our sculptures are intended to be enjoyed for many years to come. Every paper sculpture is painted with several coats of a protective varnish finish. This varnish finish helps give the paper sculpture element some protection against water or sun damage.