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Giving to Conservation is part of our mission

We are very excited to share and be able to donate to conservation, animal rescue, humanitarian organizations, and artist collaboration projects. We donate10% of the net profits, and sometimes more, of all sales from our art. Supporting these organizations helps to educate, create positive change, and lead to important actions that are critical to the future health and happiness of humanity and the natural systems that sustain our existence. We are honored to give 10% of all of our net profits to organizations and their causes we feel proud to support. 

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists, we feel it is our duty to give back a portion of all our sales to organizations, causes, and projects that make life on Earth possible, healthy, happy, and beautiful.

As artists passionate about preserving wildlife, as well as, the wild places in nature, we have an ongoing and daily mission. That mission is to spark appreciation, respect, and celebration for the amazing creatures with which we share this incredible green and blue planet, our home…Earth. Through this website, our social media channels, our displays at art shows & festivals, the conversations with customers online and in person, we are helping to draw awareness and gather support for protecting and preserving the world’s wild places and embracing the critical role nature plays in the health and happiness of humanity.

Connecting art with the topic of compassionate global citizenship is a powerful, poignant and important conversation. We hope to inspire others to give and support the organizations and causes that they feel passionate about. It is truly amazing how far a little bit can go.

Giving 10% of Net Profits

We are gathering & raising funds for more than 30 conservation, animal rescue & humanitarian organizations, and an artist collaboration project.

With each and every purchase of our sculptural art pieces, you will receive information inside the gift box about the specific organization that we are donating to from your purchase.

If our artwork can spark appreciation of the natural world in your heart, then our art is fulfilling its purpose.

Thank you for your support and appreciation of our art and our conservation giving.

We are passionate about wildlife and the conservation of the natural systems that support and sustain our very existence and life on Earth. Much of our artwork is directly inspired from this love and appreciation of the world of nature. We believe it is so important to learn from, appreciate, and preserve the natural world around us. Many of our animal sculptures represent iconic and keystone species that need our help and conservation efforts for their future survival. We hope that the compassion, appreciation, and commitment that we feel towards the wild counterparts of our artwork are felt by the art appreciator. As artists and caring global citizens we hope to nurture peoples’ sense of wonder & appreciation for the natural world.

Appreciation leads to compassion, and compassion leads to action. Action leads to change. And change will help us all find an enduring place for humanity and the natural systems that support the existence of us all.

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