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Watercolor Paintings Available
currently as 5x7 Art Cards
(Unframed & framed prints coming soon!)


Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 12.12.10 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-05 11.53_edited.jpg

We used to have a high quality printer for having our watercolor paintings printed in a wide range of sizes & formats. Unfortunately, that print on demand shop went out of business. We are looking for another quality print on demand option, however do not have one currently.


If you are interested in purchasing prints of our watercolor paintings, please sign up to receive occasional email newsletters, or contact us directly and ask to be notified of when prints of our paintings are available again.

Currently available are 5 x 7 art cards...

Each art print is individually signed by artist.

Crab Trio Flat Lay Square.jpg

Cards are blank inside.

Blank Card Inside with green

Each card comes with a colored envelope in a plastic sleeve.

Rainbow Crab Card backside.jpg

Art Cards & Stationary Card Sets for sale and

now available on our Etsy Shop or by contacting us.

We print each art card in our studio and ship directly to you.

Etsy Logo Rectangle.png

Well known international e-commerce website for finding handmade art along with other items. Great choice if you're familiar with making purchases on Etsy already, especially if you enjoy shopping through the Etsy phone app.

Flamingo Flock of Love Card & Flamingo Sculpture.jpg
Chickadee's Perch Art Card 7.jpg

Our unique & one-of-a-kind ornament sculptures or pairs of earrings in combination with an art print greeting card

creates a wonderful & meaningful gift!

~ ~ ~

While browsing our Rainbow Orca Designs Etsy shop you will also see our individually hand-sculpted ornaments and wearable art jewelry for sale.

Below is a gallery of our original watercolor paintings

that are available as Framed/Unframed Prints

AND as 5x7 Art Print Greeting Cards.

 Natural Bird Inspired Paintings

reduced Owl Forest Serenity 4.5x6.5 rati
reduced Heron's Misty Realm 4.5x6.5 rati
reduced Ruby Hum Revised 2020 4.5x6.5 ra
reduced Chickadee Sky Perch 6.5x4.5 rati
reduced Winter's Red Comfort Cardinal cr
reduced Cardinal Beauty edit 4.5x.5 rati
reduced Cardinal's Pine Perch 4.5x6.5 ra

 Camping & Trailer Inspired Paintings

reduced Away at the Beach FINAL 4.5x6.5
reduced Springtime Meadow Haven FINAL 4.
reduced Starry Moonlit Trailer Final 6.5

Purchase a single card or buy a set of cards...

reduced Joyful Mountain Retreat FINAL 6.
reduced Retro Trailer in the Desert ed 2

Keep in mind that a card

and an ornament sculpture

make a great gift set!

Away at the Beach Card & Flamingo Sculpt

Crab Paintings

reduced Red Crab edit ET 2750 6.5x4.5 ra
Crab Trio Flat Lay Square.jpg
reduced Blue Crab ET 2750 4.5x6.5 ratio
reduced The Rainbow Crab FINAL ET 2750 6

Additional Paintings

reduced Marmalade Cat 4.5x6.5 Ratio Sign
reduced Monarch Butterfly 4.5x6.5 ratio
reduced Bobcat in Snow 4.5x6.5 ratio Sig

Prismatic Paintings

reduced Prismatic Rooster 4.5x6.5 Ratio
reducing Prismatic Daffodil 4.5x6.5 Rati
reduced Prismatic Rabbit 4.5x6.5 ratio S
reduced Prismatic Raven FINAL 6.5x4.5 ra
reduced Prismatic Humpback 4.5x6.5 Ratio

Berry Inspired Paintings

Strawberry Mouse signed print website.jpg
Strawberry Basket signed print website.jpg
Strawberries signed print website.jpg
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