We are excited to be offering our current selection of unique handmade painted paper & wire indoor hanging ornament sculptures for purchase here on online gallery store!

Celebrate your Adventures & Memories

One-of-a-kind, unique and handmade ornament sculptures are

versatile meaningful tokens of experiences to remember.

10% of net profits from every sculpture purchase donated to conservation or a related cause

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Enjoy browsing through our diverse collection of unique individually handmade indoor hanging sculptures below,

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How to enjoy your 3-dimensional hanging ornament sculpture?

These hanging ornament sculptures are lightweight in nature, making them very versatile in where and how you can hang & display them…

~Hang the sculptures in a special place.

~Hang them from a piece of string or fish line.

~Hang them from a small hook or nail.

~Hang them in a picture frame.

~Hang them on an ornament stand.

~These hanging sculptures make for beautiful holiday tree ornament sculptures, as well as year round indoor twig tree ornaments.


These lightweight unique hanging ornament sculptures are great for giving as a gift. They can mail safely and inexpensively.

We have designed and we create more than 150 unique nature, wildlife, farm, dancer, and fantasy creature designs available in a diverse selection of colors. If you do not see an animal or design that you are looking for, please contact us. We can perhaps create a special order sculpture for you.

We can then complete your order over the phone.



Our diverse selection of sculptures and our other artwork

can also be purchased at the art shows & festivals that we attend.

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