Art Shows & Festivals

Since the summer of 2013, we have been sharing our nature inspired art at shows & festivals throughout Washington, Oregon, California and beyond. 


Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic situation, we will not be attending in person art shows until a future time when it is healthy to attend art shows again. We will continue to share our creations here on our website gallery.

Virtual Art Show

Wendy & Megan Wings Over Water Featured

We have been selected as the

2021 Wings Over Water NW Birding Festival's FEATURED ARTISTS!

We are honored & excited to share our

Rainbow Orca Designs nature & wildlife inspired ART and our

Sea Tree Wonder wonderment inspired VIDEO creations at this event.

Mark your calendars for the FREE virtual Zoom reception that will take place on March 19 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Stay tuned for additional details.

Learn more about the whole event on the Wings Over Water NW Birding Festival website.

Because art shows & community arts festivals have been canceled,

we are solely dependent on website sales.


In addition to creating our sculptural art & paintings, we are ballroom dance teachers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has canceled all of our ballroom dance classes & events

until an unknown future time when it will be safe

to gather as a community and be in close proximity with people.

Along with this being a major public health crisis for all of us, it is also causing major financial hardship. With art shows canceled and ballroom dance classes canceled,

we have none of our regular income. Along with so many people,

we are in a very serious financial situation right now with little to no income.

In this time of a global pandemic, artists are very negatively impacted financially.

While we are reeling with the reality of this health crisis and it's major financial impact, we support the closures of events & community gatherings as an important action to slow the spread & reduce harmful impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Consider donating to our Rainbow Orca Designs "Tip Jar" today.

Please browse

& shop our Online Gallery.

Your support & purchase of our art

is critical & very appreciated!

Stay safe, healthy & let's not give up our capacity for joy... even though this whole situation is immensely overwhelming! Our immune systems require us to still find the hope, joy & reasons for wonder that do fill our lives. 

As the co-creators of Sea Tree Wonder, we are creating & sharing

inspiring weekly films about finding happiness, wonder & reasons for gratitude amidst life's challenges. Since October of 2019, we have been creating, editing and publishing a new film nearly every week.

We are continuing to make new films all the time.

Watch our uplifting films & learn more by visiting

Visit Sea Tree Wonder's YouTube Channel

Become a Sea Tree Wonderist Member on Patreon

where you can help support the videos through

monthly monetary contributions, and receive member only gifts.

Sea Tree Wonder logo NEW FINAL
Sea Tree Wonder logo NEW FINAL

Nature & Wildlife Inspired Art

Cardinals Rainbow Orca Designs.jpg

We are creating beautiful & unique art for you.

We have made our art available for purchase here on our website. None of us know when art shows will resume. Don't wait. Please consider shopping from our Online Gallery now.

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Art Print

Greeting Cards


View our gallery of our original watercolor paintings that are available as 5x7 Art Print Greeting Cards.

Each art print card is individually signed.

Crab Trio Flat Lay Square.jpg

Ever wonder why we named our

art business Rainbow Orca Designs?

Watch this video and learn about the salmon eating Southern Resident Orcas of J, K & L Pods that really inspire our art and our lives.

(this video was made by us from our Sea Tree Wonder journey)

If you have the opportunity to come visit us at an art show, it is a wonderful experience to

see our full variety of art in person!


We create a diverse array of art, and we are able to offer a full selection of our art for purchase

at the shows & festivals that we attend.

If you cannot visit us at an art show, we encourage you to browse through our online gallery.

If you are interested or curious about our art and do not see it listed online, please call, email, or message us.