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Sea Tree Wonder is the name of the wonder journey we are sharing with the world in regular video episodes & posts.

Rainbow Orca Designs is the name of our art business where we create and sell our handmade nature and wildlife inspired art.

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Sea Tree Wonder
The journey of finding wonder each & every day with Sequoia (Wendy) & Megan Bloom.

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Sea Tree Wonder logo NEW FINAL

Our love for the incredible blue & green planet that we all call our home is evident in our nature & wildlife inspired sculptures and paintings. Along with our artistic creations, we are also educators, dancers, writers, and videographers and we are excited to join forces to found Sea Tree Wonder inspiring regular video episodes.

A journey to share wonder & joy: joining film with dance, art, science, inspiring ideas and interviews, Sea Tree Wonder is our project to share and highlight the wonder and joy that can be found each and every day.

The world has gone through many growing pains and peoples perspectives, optimism, and hopefulness for a happy unified world has been challenged. We feel compelled to share a journey to find the many wonders that do exist in our daily lives. All around us simple and grand natural wonders abound and we have really begun to realize that by noticing and celebrating these incredible wonders, our perspective and outlook on life grows more joyful, creative, and grateful.

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Many people can benefit by learning to find the wonders that abound in our world and in our lives. We are excited to share our “finding wonder quest” with the world. As we visit and connect with people from all over, we are hearing that so many people are wishing to find more wonder and joy in their life too. If others are seeking wonder in their life, though are not sure how to begin finding it in their daily life, than what if we shared our journey with others and inspired them to find wonder too?

You can watch all Sea Tree Wonder's
Regularly Posted VIDEO EPISODES on YouTube
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The video below briefly introduces why we co-founded Sea Tree Wonder and how we are inspiring joy, wonder & gratitude through in our inspiring films.

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Also we invite you to join the Sea Tree Wonder Community on Patreon.

Become a Sea Tree Wonder “Wonderist” and make a monthly pledge to Sea Tree Wonder.

Sea Tree Wonder is on Patreon and through this simple and easy to use platform, we can engage, interact, and thank our dedicated monthly supporters with “Wonderist Only” behind the scenes updates and a variety of gifts to thank our supportive community. In order to be able to give time to the Sea Tree Wonder productions and our Rainbow Orca Designs creations we need some financial support. Your small, even just $4 monthly pledge, helps make it possible for us to continue sharing our creativity & inspiration with the world.

Learn more and consider making a monthly pledge via our Sea Tree Wonder page on Patreon

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